Introducing AcceleDent®

AcceleDent answers two questions often associated with orthodontic treatment: How long is treatment? And, will there be any discomfort associated with treatment? AcceleDent, Leader in Accelerated Orthodontics®, is an FDA-cleared, class II medical device clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster. Simple-to-use and hands-free, AcceleDent is clinically shown to reduce discomfort that may be associated with orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent is the fast, safe and gentle way to speed orthodontic treatment.

What is AcceleDent® Aura?

AcceleDent® Aura is an FDA-cleared medical device offered by your orthodontist.

It is used for 20 minutes daily at home during orthodontic treatment, along with your fixed braces or clear aligners.

How does AcceleDent® Aura work?

AcceleDent works by producing gentle pulses that safely and gently speed up tooth movement.

The lightweight, easy-to-use device has been clinically shown to accelerate orthodontic treatment by up to 50% and to decrease the discomfort associated with treatment.

AcceleDent Aura Speeds Orthodontic Treatment

Exclusive SoftPulse Technology® applied precisely calibrated micropulses to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as they are guided by your orthodontics.

Safe acceleration of the bone remodeling process complements conventional orthodontic treatment.

Clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster.