ABOUT Spark Clear Aligners

The most advanced in clear aligner technology!
Clearer, more comfortable and stains less.

Dr. Kevin and The A-Team use the Spark Clear Aligner System rather than Invisalign. Learn Why…

THE SPARK DIFFERENCE – Made with TruGEN™, the latest innovation in clear aligner material, Spark Aligners are more clear, more comfortable, and stain less.* TruGEN™ is designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand.


A close up of a clear aligner with bubbles in it. There is a blue background and white text above that says "Leading Aligner Brand"
A closeup of a clear Spark Aligner is shown. There is a blue background and white text above that says "Spark is more clear"

Trusted by orthodontists worldwide, Spark is clearer, more comfortable and stains less, than the leading aligner brand.* Spark is loved by patients: 100 percent of Spark patients surveyed would recommend Spark clear aligners to a friend.*


A Close up shot of a clear aligner with a blue squiqqly line to demonstrate rough edges of the aligner. Blue text above reads "Leading Aligner Brand"
A close up of a Spark Aligner is shown with a smooth blue line to demonstrate smooth ridges. Blue text above reads "Spark is More Comfortable"

Because TruGEN™ is manufactured with polished and scalloped edges, Spark Aligners are designed to provide a more comfortable treatment experience.


Pictured is a yellow-stained aligner. The text above the image is blue and says "Leading Aligner Brand"
Pictured is a Spark Clear Aligner. Blue text above reads "Spark Stains Less"

TruGEN™ is also designed to be clearer and have minimal aligner stains compared to the leading aligner material.

Designed for Faster Treatment


TruGEN™ has been proven to provide advanced sustained force retention and better contact surface area with the tooth, compared to the leading aligner brand.*