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You will Love The A-team Approach 

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Here at our office, as a patient you will receive the highest quality of care that is constantly monitored by our three amazing doctors – Dr. Kevin, Dr. Philip, and Dr. Kat. Our doctors consult and follow each case together from start to finish making your visits with us as smooth and as seamless as possible. This gives us the freedom to have more appointment availability for our patients which creates a more welcoming atmosphere tailored to your needs. With three doctors that embrace the same treatment and patient care philosophies, you will receive more dynamic perspectives while still maintaining a personal patient to doctor relationship. We customize and tailor all of our treatment to center around your individual needs. After all, our goal is to put our heart into your smile!

Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or Medical Savings Account? 

Please remember to take advantage of your benefits before the end of the year! That’s right…when you’re paying into your HSA or FSA, you’re able to avoid income tax on the final dollar amount that you invested! With an FSA, you actually lose the money that you do not use before the year is up. We’d love to help you use those funds and avoid the income tax or before you lose it. So, give us a call to make a payment and as a reminder, if you pay off your account in full, you get 5% off your remaining account balance!

Keeping your Appointments

A friendly reminder that missing or rescheduling multiple appointments can affect and delay your treatment! We want each of our patients to receive the best care possible and we strive to have appointment availability that works for everyone. Please keep in mind that we can book out as far as 6-8 weeks, so missing even one appointment can delay your treatment up to two months. Give us a call to reschedule as soon as possible if you know that you are unable to attend so that we can keep your treatment on track!

Why Oral Hygiene is Important While in Braces

We grade our patient’s oral hygiene at every appointment, 1 being the lowest and 5 being excellent. If we ever become concerned about your or your child’s oral health while in treatment, we will go over this with you at your appointment and coach you on how to improve. Poor oral hygiene can also delay treatment, keeping you in braces longer (which no one wants!) If oral hygiene does not improve after three visits, we will send a letter home stating our concerns and that we may be at risk of removing braces to protect your teeth. Keep up on those good daily oral habits to prevent irreversible scarring and puffy/inflamed gums by brushing and flossing 2-3x a day! If you are enrolled in our rewards program, then you get one stamp at each appointment if you grade a 4 or 5.

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Referral Program

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Referrals are our biggest compliment! And we appreciate every referral that comes our way. To thank our patients, we have a referral program where you receive $150 towards your account balance for every friend you refer to us who starts treatment! Just make sure they let us know who referred them! If you are enrolled in our rewards program, you get five stamps for every referral you send our way!

Need a New Retainer?

We know things can happen whether it’s accidentally throwing your retainer away or your dog ate it (it happens more often than you think!) So give us a call right away if you are in need of a replacement retainer to prevent any unwanted movement of your teeth!

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Keep us Updated!

Have you moved, have a new debit card for your payments, phone number, or new dental insurance? If so, please call to update us as soon as possible! It’s important that we have your most updated information on file.


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