Our Team

Office Manager and Insurance Coordinator

Jeanne is our Office Manager and Insurance Coordinator.  She has worked in the dental field since 1987.  Under her direction for the past 5+ years, the office has excelled in the areas of quality control and customer service.

Jeanne loves being able to help patients give fresh life to their self esteem and confidence after receiving treatment.  Making a positive difference in people's lives is what drives her passion to help make amazing smiles affordable to anyone that wants to improve themselves and strive for more.  

Jeanne is married with two grown daughters and two granddaughters.  When she's not helping you make your dreams come true, she can be found on a horse somewhere....either  on her five acre ranch here in Sparks, or competing somewhere in the U.S.. 

Lead Assistant

Feather has recently taken on the responsibility of being our lead assistant. She is an informative, industrious, and encouraging leader; we are lucky to have her at the helm. Feather has been and continues to be our lead laboratory technician, performing miracles for our patients!

She is originally from Utah and enjoys going home often to visit family and friends. Feather has worked in the dental field for thirteen years, eleven of which have been with Dr. Andrews.

Feather loves being in the lab. She loves transforming a smile through pontics, a fake tooth that replaces missing teeth, and retainers. It’s satisfying for her to see people who hid their smiles out of embarrassment showing off their pearly whites every time they come to see her in our office. She is our lab master!

Outside of work Feather spends most of her time with her eleven year old son. She’s a loving and devoted Mom. It shows at work, most of our younger patients are always anxious to see her. She also enjoys reading, running and playing soccer!

Front Office Manager and Director of Marketing

Jen is one of the first faces you will see when you visit the ‘A’ Team. She runs the front office and puts all of her creative juices into her marketing projects. Since joining the Team, Jen has truly loved coming to work each day…..being part of orthodontics with the personal touch Dr. Andrews represents….. she feels beyond blessed to be able to do what she loves on a daily basis.

She loves to laugh and it shows…… her energy is contagious! Encouraging patients throughout their treatment gives Jen a great sense of pride, knowing that she’s helped them to get one step closer to their perfect smile.

Jen was born and raised in California, but has lived in the Reno area for most of her adult life and loves it here! She is married to her best friend, Brian and is the proud mom of their three boys Dylan, AJ, and Jase. She loves all the seasons……which is a huge reason she loves the Reno area so much. Lake Tahoe is a summertime favorite……and of course all the snow in the winter makes her giddy.

Jen is happiest when she’s with her hubby and boys out in the woods on a long camping trip, at music festivals, or simply catching a Steelers or SF Giants game from the couch. Watching the boys at their sports events gives Jen the opportunity to channel her inner cheerleader…..

“Each day is another opportunity to make someone’s day better……People may not remember your name years down the road, but they will remember the way you made them feel.” - Jen

Treatment Coordinator

Lynne is our Treatment Coordinator and loving "mom" of the 'A' Team. Originally from Berkeley, California she has been in the orthodontic field since 1974. Lynne has worked with Dr. Andrews the longest of any team member here.......over fifteen years now!!!

Lynne’s favorite part about her day is teaching patients about orthodontics. She loves to dismiss any myths and help people understand the long term benefits they are choosing. She loves how we can change lives by giving people a confident, healthy smile.

Lynne is married with two children and seven terrific grandchildren. She is a passionate little chef who feels there is nothing like being the kitchen, cooking food for family and friends. In her spare time, Lynne and her husband volunteer at senior citizen homes performing variety shows and directing senior choirs.  She's even known to take the karaoke stage for a song or two while on a cruise with the 'A' Team!  


Rachelle got into orthodontic assisting because she feels it can make a huge difference for someone when they have a beautiful and healthy smile. She loves being a part of the process to make that happen. It amazes her to see the before and after not only in the physical appearance of the smile but how the patients feel about themselves after treatment.

Rachelle was a stay at home mom for nine years before becoming a dental assistant. She has three children that she spends most of her free time with. Between her children’s horse competitions, soccer games, and motor cross events, she has her hands full! She loves hiking and boating in Tahoe.  In the summer months, she's always down for a relaxing barbecue.

Rachelle has a love for interior decorating and a great eye for it!



Brittani first entered our office when she was 11 years old to get braces herself! She went through treatment and came out with not only a beautiful smile but a passion for orthodontics. She completed dental assisting school after graduating high school with hopes of finding a home at Dr. Andrews office. She has been part of the 'A' Team for almost five years now!

Brittani loves so many things about working for Dr. Andrews, including the fun atmosphere and watching the transformation in someone's smile. She knows from personal experience how much a confident smile can change your life.

When not helping make beautiful smile, Britt is either continuing her schooling, traveling, or spending time with her family and friends.

This girl has lots of hobbies to keep her busy in her "spare" time. She loves camping, traveling, and playing volleyball. She also wakeboards, has a love of reading, and of course, spending time with her favorite four legged creatures.....horses!


Michelle worked five years in general dentistry before finding her home in orthodontics. She loves seeing a shy patient begin to find their smile as treatment progresses. Michelle is all about the smiles.

She spends her time away from the office, raising her four adorable kiddos, alongside her husband, Pat.  

We love Michelle's crafty side and look to her for decorative inspiration whenever there is an event, project or holiday coming up..... this girl is the Queen of Pinterest.   

Things that make Michelle smile are: riding quads, the gun range, and remodeling her home. Her favorite nights include a glass of wine and a project to Mod Podge. Her long term goal is to retire debt free and be able to travel! She believes in living everyday as if it were your last.

Scheduling Coordinator

Jamie's favorite part of orthodontics is the artistic element of creating smiles and seeing each patient's confidence and smile grow at each appointment....it makes coming to the office each day extremely rewarding.

Her biggest passion outside of the office is her photography....that coupled up with traveling and exploring new places are what make Miss Jamie tick.  Being outside without a map or time frame, camera in hand is all this girl could ask for!  Hiking, camping, Harry Potter marathons, and of course a steady flow of coffee are what keep her sane.

Oregon, Tahoe, and Disneyland are her favorite places to visit....take her there and she may never come back.....at least we know where to find her!!!

If you ever want to see a real life example of genuine warmth and kindness, take a look at our Jamie, she's the real deal.


Sarah has been with Dr. Andrews and the 'A' Team for over two years now!  Her interest in orthodontics was first sparked when she got braces in high school.  Sarah was fascinated by the entire process.  When her braces came off, she was beyond happy with the results and it boosted her confidence to another level.  It was at that moment that she knew she wanted to do the same for others!  

Sarah has lived all over the map..... from Arizona to South Dakota, to Catalina Island, Lake Tahoe and now Reno!  She spends her summers at the beach and her winters on the slopes, snowboarding like a pro!  Food, family, and friends are the way to her heart.


Liz discovered her love for the world of orthodontics when she had braces during her junior year of high school.  She pursued her career attending dental school, then was welcomed to the 'A' Team shortly thereafter.  

She was born and raised in Carson City and still commutes back and forth to work here.....but her love of the Team and the patients make the drive well worth it.

Liz is a very busy mom, raising her five year old daughter, Kimberly who loves watching Disney movies with her mom.  

When Liz finds some spare time, she enjoys road trips, family night, taking naps....and eating!  


We first got to know Leslie when she came to our office from Milan Dental School to do her internship.  We absolutely loved her outgoing energy and sass!! Les is a super fast learner and was eager to learn as much as she could... we couldn't let her go!  She now fits in perfectly with the rest of the 'A' Team!!

Leslie was born and raised in Reno.... her first plane ride (and cruise) happened with the 'A' Team when we went on our team building cruise.

Little Les is currently in braces and this what really inspired her to start a career in orthodontics.  Seeing the transformation of her own smile and the new found confidence was what she needed to get started on her career path.  She plans to use her personal experience to help boost the confidence of her patients.  

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her handsome two year old son, Ace...... and eating French fries!!!  She loves summertime road trips with her family, movie nights, and working out......followed up with more French fries!!


Chris is our newest member of the 'A' Team and is already a huge asset to our work family.  She comes to us from Chicago, IL with 20+ years of orthodontic experience.  Helping to create beautiful smiles and getting to know her patients during their treatment is what she loves about her job.  

Outside of work, Chris enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, and arts & crafts. 

We are so glad that Chris picked us!!! 

Lead Lab Technician

Shirley is our amazing Lab Tech who has been with Dr. Andrews for a combined seven years now.  Thanks to her brilliant craftsmanship, all of our patients get their dazzling, custom made retainers and removable appliances created on site and on time!  Shirley is an artist in her own right. 

On occasion, Shirley is known to bring in chips and salsa for the Team to munch on.....just another reason we love and appreciate Miss Shirley!!

She was born and raised in the heat of Las Vegas then moved to the San Francisco area.  She lived in many of the charming little towns of the North Bay.  For the past 14 years, Shirley has been loving life in the Reno area.  She loves to spend as much time as she can with her grandkids, making it to all of their sporting activities, and during the warmer months, they love to go camping and spend time outdoors together.



Melissa interned with our office while attending dental assisting school. We fell in love with her warm smile and contagious giggle instantly! She has always been interested in the dental field. She choose orthodontics because she felt as an assistant she would have more time with the patients and really get to be a part of their story. Being able to watch the transformation someone goes through when receiving a new smile truly affects Melissa.  She now lives in Winnemucca and is there for all of our patients in the area for their emergency appointments .... a total lifesaver!

Melissa is a very busy mom..... spending most of her time raising her three adorable kids with her husband.   She is also an extreme coupon shopper! She loves a good bargain and knows how to find them!


Account Manager

Justin Crespo joined the 'A' Team as an Accounts Manager. He is a nine year resident of the Reno/Sparks area. We felt his kind and compassionate mannerisms fit perfectly with our customer care philosophies.

Justin’s energy and compassion are evident in his role as a father to his two year old daughter Eloise with mother, Mercedes. His favorite part about being a father is being able to act goofy with her. He believes it’s important to teach her to make every day better, no matter the obstacle in her path.

Justin has a passion for cooking because he likes being able to create with different flavors something that can be enjoyed by others. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he likes families coming together and enjoys the focus of giving to those around him.