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While the scope of care is always up to our patient, our goal is to create a treatment program that effectively addresses all your orthodontic needs. Incomplete treatment or faulty diagnosis can lead to future orthodontic problems requiring additional care. With precise diagnosis and correct treatment, our orthodontist can help you achieve your dream smile.

Not every patient is a good candidate for orthodontic care. For example, depending on a patient’s age, orthodontic treatment may need to be delayed until appropriate skeletal growth or dental maturity occurs. If our orthodontist recommends delaying treatment, we will place your child on recall for future evaluations. For many patients, a period of six months to one year is sufficient for necessary dental maturity and skeletal growth.


Our goal is to eliminate the stress that comes with fitting something new into your budget.

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We don’t ever want you to leave our office unsure or confused. We LOVE questions. We LOVE educating our patients along the way.

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It’s about YOUR experience at every visit.
It’s About YOU. YOUR smile. YOUR life.

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Visiting the Orthodontist:
What to Expect for Your First Visit

Whether you’re ready for braces or just wish to discuss your different orthodontic treatment options, our orthodontist is here to help. The first visit is an opportunity for our orthodontist to learn more about your treatment goals, reasons for seeking care, and long-term expectations. The following information will help you prepare for your first visit to our practice.

Expectations for
Your First Visit to the Orthodontist

During your first visit at our practice,our orthodontist will perform a full orthodontic evaluation, including diagnostic exams. The diagnostic records from your first visit are vital to creating a customized treatment plan. These records include medical/dental history, a complete clinical examination, digital X-rays, and photos of patients face and smile. Following this evaluation, our orthodontist will create a written treatment plan and outline the different options available to you.

Why an Orthodontist?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment,the main goal is to provide you with a straighter, healthier smile. Deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment (and also selecting an orthodontist) is an important decision for you and your family. You want a smile that looks and feels better, and you need to know what to expect from start to finish. To improve the appearance and position of your teeth, braces are no longer the only option.

What to Expect?

So, you are thinking about scheduling your first visit.What should you expect? Your initial visit provides an opportunity for you to meet the entire dental team, learn more about braces, and find out which orthodontic treatment is right for you. Much of this information can be gathered during your clinical exam and your discussion with the orthodontist.


At what age should kids start seeing an orthodontist?

We recommend that kids come in for an initial consultation at around the age of 7.  This doesn’t mean that they will necessarily need orthodontic treatment at this age, but getting a baseline and a panoramic x-ray to see how the teeth are developing and where the roots are at, etc is a great way to see where everything is headed. 


How much do braces cost?

Each treatment plan is unique and personalized for each and every patient.  They are a variety of factors that determine the cost of treatment.  Come in for a FREE consultation and we can discuss your treatment and personalized payment plan during that first visit. 


Will my insurance cover braces?

Our financial team would love to find out for you!  Just call the office with your insurance information and we can get your orthodontic coverage verified for you!


How long will I have to be in braces?

That is a great question!  But, until Dr. Andrews does an exam, we can’t give you a real answer.  What we can tell you is that with the Damon System braces that we offer here, your treatment time will be more comfortable and be a shorter time frame than with traditional braces! 


How often will I have to come in for adjustments?

Your office visits will vary between 6 and 8 weeks apart.  Towards the end of treatment, we may want to see you every 4 weeks for the last couple of visits.

Can orthodontic treatment help with TMJ issues?

Every case is different, but Dr. Andrews has been able to help many patients relieve their TMJ pain and help with the healing process.   We’d love to schedule you for a free consultation to see if we can help!

I have crowns on some of my teeth. Can I still get braces?

Absolutely!  We treat lots of patients that come in with existing crowns.