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Thank You from Dr. Andrews and the A-Team!

Dr. Andrews and the entire A-Team would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to all of our Patients, Parents, and Family. We are so appreciative of your understanding during 2020. The connections we share are stronger than any distance that may separate us. As many of you know we had to close the office in accordance with the guidance and direction of the Nevada Board of Dental Examiners, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our service goal is to always be available to help our patients so it was very hard for us to not be allowed to do that. We cannot thank you enough for all of your understanding, patience, and a warm-hearted attitude you gave us during this time. After two and a half months we were granted access to open up our office again with new safety protocols. Thankfully we were once again allowed to provide you excellent orthodontic care. We feel an immense gratitude to all of you and we are so lucky to have the greatest patients. We will continue to put our heart into your smile and we thank you for the opportunity to do just that.
– With Appreciation Dr. Andrews and the “A” Team


With Summer in full swing, we want to remind you of the great ways to save on your treatment. We’d love to give you a discount of 5% off on your remaining balance if you pay in full. Also get 5% off when starting treatment and paying in full. And as always, we appreciate all the referrals our patients send us! For each patient you send to us that starts treatment, you get $150 off of your account. There is no limit… so keep ‘em coming! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more great deals.

We’ve Expanded to Better Service your Needs.

As many of you may have seen, at the end of last year during our holiday closure we had some renovations completed at the main Sparks Office. With the help of you sharing your fantastic journeys to a new smile with your friends and families, we have continued to grow. These renovations have been done to better service your needs and wants and to help us deliver the excellent orthodontic care we dedicate ourselves to provide. We knocked down a wall in the Records room which gave us the room to add two more chairs, and we have upgraded all of them throughout the clinical area. We have added new flooring throughout the office including updated carpet and new hard flooring in the clinical areas. We thank you for all your understanding and patience during the renovations and we were so excited for the opportunity to improve the office for all of you.

Meet the “A” Team

With our expansion and growth in the office we have added so new faces to the “A” Team, to help us to better service your needs and wants! We asked these new faces some questions to help us introduce them to you and to get to know them


  • Recently moved to Reno from Truckee
  • Loves to hike, paint, write and do photography
  • Had braces when she was 13 & now with Dr. Andrews
  • Favorite saying is “CRUSHED IT!!!”
  • She is an orthodontic assistant
  • Likes being on the “A” team because she loves how much we do for our patients and feels like every second is for them!


  • Has lived in Reno/Sparks area her entire life
  • Loves to snowboard, do yoga, and meditate
  • Kim had braces twice, first in 8th grade then again as an adult with Dr. Andrews
  • She is an orthodontic assistant
    Likes being on the “A” team because she love how friendly the office is and how our happy environment plays a huge factor with the communication and work!


  • Has lived in Reno/Sparks area her entire life
  • Loves to read in spare time, doing sports with her kids, and camping with the family
  • Had braces as an adult
  • Favorite saying is BE POSITIVE
    She is an orthodontic assistant
  • Likes being on the “A” team because she loves everyone here being so happy and the great environment that we have and thinks Dr. Andrews is AMAZING!


  • Has lived in Reno for 6 1/2 years.
  • Loves the teamwork between the entire staff and seeing how passionate everyone is towards the patient’s treatment.
  • Enjoys being with her family and playing board games, watching football with her husband, and helping senior citizens on the weekends.
  • Had braces for 2 years as a teenager.
  • Favorite saying is “never go to bed angry”
  • Accounts Manager


  • Has lived in the Reno/Sparks area for 1 ½ years and is originally for Santa Rosa
  • Enjoys going to her church on Sundays and loves to spend time with her nephews, who are 1 year and 1 month old
  • Is in braces right now and has had them for 4 ½ years
  • She is an orthodontic assistant
    Likes being on the “A” team because she loves the teamwork, how everyone helps, and that Dr. Andrews makes her feel like family; teaches her so much, makes work more fun, and love how passionate he is with his work.


  • Move to Reno is 2019 from Monterey, California
  • Loves the outdoors and hiking in Tahoe and on colder days likes to stay inside and watch YouTube
  • Has had braces two times, first in middle school and the second time as an adult she needed jaw surgery
    Favorite saying is BE KIND!
  • Is the Sterilization tech, who makes sure all this instruments and equipment are clean and safe for our patients and staff
  • Likes being on the “A” team because she loved how everyone made her feel so welcomed when she join, she felt like part of the family right from the beginning; and has to give thanks to her sister Audrey who is one of our Scheduling Coordinators.