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 Meet Andrews Braces’ New Doctors! 

Our practice is dedicated to providing excellence in orthodontic care with a personalized approach as we put our heart into your smile. We appreciate that our family of patients has grown, and we have expanded our office and the A-team to give and serve each individual with our best efforts. And now, we are excited to welcome the addition of two new, caring and experienced orthodontists to join our team—Drs. Philip and Kat (husband & wife). United with Dr. Kevin, our team will continue our goal of exceeding our patient’s expectations in creating amazing smiles. Starting in early July of 2022, Drs. Philip and Kat will be seeing, directing, and coordinating orthodontic treatment for our patients along with Dr. Kevin. Importantly, they share the same philosophy with the A-team in honoring our patients, appreciating their expectations, and giving our best at every moment of creating and designing your smile. We can’t wait for you all to meet them!

From Dr. Kat:  “Dr. Philip and I are moving from our hometown in the Midwest to the great state of Nevada and are so excited to be joining Dr. Kevin Andrews’ Orthodontics.  The welcoming family atmosphere that Dr. Kevin has created with his amazing team and the high standards that he has set are what make us most excited to join his practice.  From our very first visit to Reno, it was the community-oriented feel and the truly warm and welcoming people that made us feel most at home.  Dr. Philip and I decided to elope in Lake Tahoe after realizing how much we fell in love with the great outdoors of Reno. This place became truly special to us from that moment on.”

From Dr. Philip: “What we love most about orthodontics is that we can create both a beautiful radiant smile while improving a patient’s bite and oral function. To have a positive impact on another person’s life and confidence is the joy we gain from treating our patients. We look forward to exploring all the local restaurants, meeting new people, and creating long-lasting relationships with each and every patient of the practice.”

2022 Appreciation Party!

You’ve Been asking…. And it’s Back! This year, Andrews Braces’ Patient Appreciation Party will be held on Sunday, August 7th at Wild Island in Sparks, Nevada! We will have a large pavilion and a raffle with some amazing prizes! This year, we have limited tickets for our currently active patients only. What does this mean for you? If you are a current patient and would like to attend, use the link to hop online and register for your ticket or you can register in office! Tickets are limited to ONE ticket per active patient. These tickets are first come first serve however if you would like to bring friends or family, you can purchase a discounted ticket for $25! Each patient can purchase up to three discounted tickets. The park opens at 11am and does have a max capacity, so please get there early! We can’t wait to see you for a fun day in the sun! 

Patient Appreciation at Wild Island

Spark Aligners

Here at Andrews Braces, we started using the latest innovation in clear aligners called Spark Aligners– and patients are loving them! Spark Aligners are more clear, more comfortable, and stain less than other clear aligners. The aligner material, called TruGEN™ is designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand. 

What age do I bring my child in to see Dr. Andrews?

What is the best age for a child to first see the Orthodontist? We get this question quite often! The answer is age 7-8 years old! Schedule your little one in for their free consultation to see if they need to start braces or if we can help guide their permanent teeth in with a retainer.

Meet the staff 

You may have noticed that we are growing, so naturally… you will see some new faces! We have a new Assistant, Jenny, in Winnemucca who will be taking over for our wonderful Melissa. 

Yes, you heard right… Melissa is leaving Andrews Braces to start up her own business with her husband in Reno! She will be so missed by our team and patients, but we are so excited for her new adventure. You can now contact Jenny for any emergencies/comfort care visits in Winnemucca at 775-762-3628. 

You may also remember Leslie, our former assistant- she has returned and is now our Scheduling Coordinator! We are so excited to have her back. Lastly, meet Ashley, our new Treatment Coordinator! She has been in Orthodontics for five years. We are so excited for her to join our team! 


DID YOU KNOW that if you pay off your account balance in full, you get 5% off the Balance? It’s true! Call us today and ask for Anna our accounts manager, and she can help get your account paid off! Have new insurance? Let us know as soon as possible so that we can verify your new dental coverage. We want you to get the most out of your dental benefits!


Have a pokey or long wire?

Place wax to cushion the area or clip the wire with wire cutters or nail clippers. Also try to push the wire back into the bracket using a pencil eraser or tweezers until we can see you. Broken or loose bracket? Place the bracket in a Ziploc bag and call our office during business hours and let us know which tooth the bracket came off of. Some brackets being off are more urgent while other brackets can wait until your next visit. Lost a hook? Try placing your rubber band on the bracket instead. Call our office during business hours and let us know which hook needs to be replaced. 

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush and Waterpik

In need of a replacement electric toothbrush?

Let us know! You can purchase one directly from us for $125.00. We also carry replacement ortho heads for $10 each. We recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months while in braces! We also carry Waterpiks for $65.00. Andrews Braces believes in healthy smiles for life! 

Patient Appreciation at Wild Island